Your Listeners Expect More From You

A Life Worth Living | Sep 2, 2023

I returned last week from speaking on 2 panels at Podcast Movement in Denver.

One thing I heard several times which caught my ear:

My podcast isn’t working.

Most podcasters feel like they’re spinning their wheels.

Here’s the thing.

It’s not the artwork

It’s not the microphone

It’s not the studio

90% of the time it’s the same problem.

Interviewing people who you’re not excited to talk to in the first place.

Most of your audience is craving connection.

Both in their own lives, but also through the shows they listen to and support.

Over time, if your show loses its appeal, they’ll slowly stop listening.

But their desire for an engaging connection never leaves.

They’ll just look for it elsewhere.

Even worse (for you), only a small percentage will ever let you know.

Most people live their entire lives searching for genuine connection.

You can help them by making sure you value their time.

In the process of speaking to the right people, you serve the audience that needs to hear your message.

It makes for great audio.

It’s being of service.

Added bonus: you’re growing personally, while adding value for your listeners.

Talk to the guests who are ready to be vulnerable.

Reach the large audience by focusing on the individual conversations.

🙏 with gratitude,


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