Yes, you deserve abundance

A Life Worth Living | Sep 16, 2022

Wow, what a response!

Last week I sent a value trade offer to this email and all of my socials.

I’m not going to take it personally, my loyal readers, but the email crew was not the overall biggest responder.

In fact, here’s the breakdown of folks who raised their hand, by platform.

Facebook - 5
Twitter - 2
Email - 2
LinkedIn - 1
Instagram - 3
Threads - 0

I’ll be honest, there was a pit in my stomach prior to posting these. I think part of it is not wanting to come across like those social media peeps that always seem to be selling something.

People hate selling.

Dan Pink, author of To Sell Is Human, conducted a survey where he asked people for the first word that came to mind when hearing “selling” or “sales”. 80% of the words had negative connotations.

Many entrepreneurs wince at the thought of having to ‘sell’.

But here’s the thing.


The emphasis is more for my own benefit.

I know what I signed up for 9 years ago, and more often than not, I have to own it. All of it. Not only the freedom that my business provides me, but also the knowledge that there are things that are not first-nature to me (ugh, accounting) which need to get done.

And yes selling is one of them.

I imagine quite a a few of you reading this are with me.

Can I get an amen?

OK, fun fact. My favorite email tool, beehiiv has a cool AI image creation (yes I just upgraded) feature built into their tool that allows me to type in a phrase, and have an AI-generated image created from it. So… you’re welcome!

Bu remember, if you truly believe that you have a service that can help someone, you owe it to them (and yourself) to find a solution that is win-win.

You owe it yourself to be compensated for your effort. You have just as much right to abundance as anyone else on this planet.

Let’s break this cringe-y relationship with the concept of wealth, shall we?

🙏 with gratitude,


P.S. In case you missed last week’s letter, let me know and I’ll send it along. It’s not in the public feed.

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