my heart is so heavy

a life worth living | mar 23, 2024

as I type this, I just wrapped up a call with one of our podcast agency clients.

it was not an easy call.

we’ve been helping this client out for a few years and i’m a big supporter of him and his show.

but we failed them.

yes, that’s hard to type out and it took me a loooooong time to gather my thoughts for this one.

you see, i take pride in supporting our clients the best way possible.

heck, it’s even in my daily intentions:

thank you for the constant reminder of the phenomenal + powerful difference we make in the lives of others

i am motivated by gratitude to always practice respectful + timely discussions with team members, clients + partners.

we help mission-driven leaders elevate their timely message to this ascending earth.

we help by launching, producing, marketing, supporting + amplifying their authority-building message, while allowing them the freedom to focus on their genius.

the change we want to make is that heart-centered business owners stop trying to do it all themselves, trust in a supportive partner that speaks their language + focus on creating compelling + inspiring transmissions + transformations.

we will know we are successful when we are seen as the partner that can help awakened souls create consistent, quality content + feel 100% supported + guided through every step of the process at all times.

my clients + students are having ongoing + growing success with their shows + businesses + ecstatic about partnering with me + my team.

they continually + consistently refer like-minded heart-centered souls to me.

this, or something better, now manifests for the highest good.

i am accountable to my clients to support them always to the best of our team’s ability.

i am accountable to my students to provide the best support + guidance possible.

and even with all that said (and read) it wasn’t enough.

i take this stuff personally as i am incredibly passionate about helping people find their voice.

but running (and growing) a podcast production agency is not for the faint of heart.

that said, i’m facing the music, dusting myself off, and getting back up off the floor and moving forward.

there is no other way.

i’ll have an answer after this weekend (high vibes welcome ✨), but either way, i’m not going to stop.

i appreciate the universe providing this lesson as it always does so wonderfully.

lesson learned, new processes in place, onward and upward! 🚀

i don’t have it all figured out, and i feel the energy of these words reminding you of the same.

with gratitude,

🙏 harry

what i created recently

as a podcast host i am eternally grateful to the guests that give so generously of their time to appear on my shows.

i feel it’s the least I could do to share their stories every chance I get. as such here are a few recent conversations from my 2 shows.

podcast junkies

on episode 341, i had the pleasure of speaking with jackie goddard. she shared her extraordinary journey from the fast-paced world of fashion to the realms of theater and into the intimate space of podcasting and coaching. her story is one of transformation and the profound impact our environment can have on our work and personal growth.

vertical farming podcast

on episode 128 i speak with katherine soll, a powerhouse of knowledge and change in the realm of urban agriculture. she takes us through her inspiring journey from her nyc upbringing to her influential role as the founder and ceo of teens for food justice.

yes, i know. it’s a bit audacious to let you know how i can help you with your podcast, here’s the thing: i’m extremely confident in our team’s ability to launch and market your show.

so if that’s you and you’re ready to find your voice, reply with “NOW IS THE TIME” and we’ll schedule an intro chat!