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A Life Worth Living | Aug 19, 2023

“It takes twice as much energy to convince yourself you are not actually who you are.”

Kevin Walton

I don’t know about you, but that quote felt like it dropped in on multiple levels when I heard it yesterday.

I’d been feeling a bit off and distant from that energy I felt after my Sacred Sons experience a few months ago.

The great thing is that they have a podcast that I’ve been listening to lately.

As I was scrolling through the list of recent episodes, the one titled Creatorhood caught my eye.

It was a talk by Kevin Walton at the Sacred Sons annual gathering called Convergence. This was from last years Convergence 7. I’m excited to be attending Convergence 8 in October, so this piqued my interest as well.

While the message is directed towards men, I definitely think it’s a great listen for everyone.

I was so inspired, I texted it to several friends as I was listening to it.

One of my friends responded, “I’m tearing up because this is so true.”

I replied, “Me too.”

That quote is actually only one of many I found myself jotting down. Lots of pausing and rewinding on this episode.

Not sure if it was because I was already getting ready for a workout and in a high-energy state, but I was definitely surprised when I caught myself alternating between being energized by Kevin’s talk and feeling it on an emotional level just as strongly.

This one was so 🔥 I’m going to drop it here again…

“It takes twice as much energy to convince yourself you are not actually who you are.”

It’s this idea of always finding ways to talk yourself out of new experiences, or ones that put you way out of your comfort zone.

Think about how much energy you spend waffling back and forth on challenging decisions. That is fear talking.

What will they think?

It’s too much of an investment.

I don’t have all the answers.

I’ve never done this before.

(needless to say, this list can get pretty long)

You (and I) can do better.

I guarantee there is something on your mind right now as you read these words that you’ve been thinking about or putting off for a while now.

Do me a favor.

Re-read that quote above just one more time, and promise me (and more importantly, yourself) that you will take imperfect action today.

🙏 with gratitude,


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