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A Life Worth Living | Apr 1, 2022

Every Saturday I share a story about my life in a way that you can hopefully relate to. I believe we are all here to share our journey, both the highs and the lows, as this is how we collectively raise the consciousness of the planet. If anything resonates with you, please share! 🙏 (5 minute read)

Would you consider yourself a Creator?

How about a Writer?

Who decides these rues anyway?

Is the person who strums their guitar at home on a rainy Saturday morning any less of a Musician than a Grammy-award winning songwriter?

I would argue not.

Labels Are Meaningless

The thing is, these labels sometimes make us feel 'less than' and I don't think it serves us (or you) any good to spend too much time thinking about them.

Yes, I consider myself a Writer. And with each Saturday Letter I feel more confident in that proclamation. But that is just me.

Each week, when I sit in front of my screen and think about what I want to share with you, more often than not, those first few minutes are a bit nerve-wracking.

Most weeks as of late, it's usually a Friday afternoon exercise, which adds a bit of uncertainty and pressure to the knowledge that a letter will go out, rain or shine.

I do feel good that I've made it to the point where I know there is no way that I am NOT going to publish a letter. I just don't always know what I'm going to say, LOL.

Don't get me wrong, I maintain a list of topics that pop in my head during the week and I think to myself, ”that's going to make for a great newsletter!“. And then Friday rolls around and I realize I haven't fully fleshed out the ideas from that list.

Finding Your Own Motivation

What keeps me going? Your feedback, quite honestly.

Last week's letter about my love of technology really resonated with a few of my readers. I received several considerate responses. I can't tell how happy this makes me. Here a few highlights.

Gordon wrote:

"I had a palm pilot with an add on pager card in it. So I could receive text pages. I was sooooo cool. (Not)"

Lee replied

”I really enjoy your writing...I’m feeling inspired by your weekly letters to start again.“

Gina shared a really heart-felt story and also a suggestion for how she disconnects:

”My go to technology de-dress is to get into the garden - love to get busy or into nature. Just love it.“

Tim provided a thoughtful reflection on his own experience with early tech:

”So you just sent me down memory lane with this one harry...I remember so many moves from place to place in my earlier days with all of my cassettes or cd's or for a time vinyl and DVDs and VHS tapes, that now I can hold all that stuff in my cell phone.“

In fact, I was so moved by his 3-paragraph response, that I nudged him to start his own newsletter!

Trust me, if his note to me was any indication, Tim's got a collection of stories just waiting to be shared! I suggest you subscribe.

Here's the thing. I never know which topic is going to resonate and it's probably best that way. Otherwise, I imagine I'd be looking for a way to manufacture it consistently, and it would lose it's sincerity.

Speaking of writers, shout out to my friend Shelby Stanger, who I helped with the launch of her podcast, on the pre-release of her new book, Will to Wild. Can't wait to dig in.

Where will you find your inspiration this week? I can't wait to hear all about it!

In much the same way that the listeners of my podcast keep me recording every week, the readers of this newsletter put a smile on my face every weekend!

🙏 with gratitude,


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