i am, in fact, worth something

a life worth living | mar 10, 2024

“oh shit, you can make up your own rules!”

i remember the first time i was introduced to the writings of e. e. cummings in my high school english literature class.

e. e. decided at some point that he was going to upend preconceived notions about ‘proper’ typography and punctuation and, as such, used unconventional formatting and even new words in his poems.

which brings me to todays letter.

you see, from my perspective, e.e. decided to reduce the significance of ‘proper’ formatting.

i don’t know if he was the first to do this, but i can only imagine the reactions and eye-rolling of his contemporaries at the time.

whether that was his intention or not, whose to say, but it’s clear that this was a method of reducing significance.

after all, who made up these rules anyway?

why am i writing about significance today?

good question.

i’m nearly finished with my latest book, transurfing by vadim zeland. it’s a wild one for sure, as it explains the concepts of shifting your perception to another already-existing timeline.

fun fact, I am fascinated with the idea of time travel and alternative timelines, which is why i have found this book so intriguing. it’s one of my most highlighted kindle books by far, and it has dramatically changed the way I view and operate in this world.

so here i was, on travel day, sipping spicy tomato juice in my window seat and making my way through the final chapter, when a passage caused my to pause for several minutes, and inspired today’s letter.

vadim writes:

“rather than trying to prove yourself or show off you have to give up all attempts to increase your own significance. when a person manages to stop (and we all know that practically everyone … does this in their own way) the people around you intuitively sense that your significance does not need to be confirmed.”


deep breath.

re-read as necessary.

vadim continues:

“and as this is so, people are more drawn to them and begin treating them with more respect. as a result the heart and the mind are gradually penetrated with the conviction that “i am in fact worth something”… self-esteem improves and it is as if there never was an inferiority complex at all.”

this struck a chord as it resonates with the concept of imposter syndrome, a condition that plagues many creatives and entrepreneurs alike.

it serves as a very helpful and timely reminder that my creative endeavors must always be authentic.

in this world of social influencers and prolific creators and writers, it’s hard to resist the urge to mimic what they’re doing, saying, or writing.

that’s a sure path to mediocrity.

i don’t know about you, but I have zero desire to be a knock-off version of someone else, ugh.

the challenge and motivation will always be to continue to look for, find, and hone my unique voice.

reading this book and this passage is such a powerful reminder of the true power you and i both have to change our future at any given moment.

whether you’re 53 or 23 it doesn’t matter one bit. speak your mind, share your voice, drop the occasional f-bomb.

as cliche as it sounds, there is truly only one you. i believe it’s about time you share that version with the world. you have no idea what is waiting for you on the other side.

writing is a weird and wonderful thing. you never know when the muse will strike, but when it does, it truly feels like you’re in communion with a higher power.

in this case, sitting on a plane with noise cancelling headphones and an endel* soundtrack definitely helps! 

while i deeply admire those writers that have the discipline to write and publish content every single week, I don’t know if that is me.

I find that inspired writing is so much more fulfilling than the feeling of having to write something because of a self-imposed schedule.

cheers for now.

know that next time i show up in your inbox it will be because i have something I can’t resist sharing with you.

with gratitude,

🙏 harry

*if you’re into flow state vibes, i’m a big fan of the endel app.

what i created recently

(this is what happens when you fall off the letter writing wagon, i’ve got to get you caught up on everything I haven’t shared!)

as a podcast host i am eternally grateful to the guests that give so generously of their time to appear on my shows.

i feel it’s the least I could do to share their stories every chance I get. as such here are a few recent conversations from my 2 shows.

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339 michelle glogovac offers an inspiring look at her career shift from managing jet fuel to podcasting, emphasizing the importance of storytelling, relationship-building, and self-care in navigating life's unexpected changes. she is the host of my simplified life.

340 patrick keller is back for round 3 to share his recent early retirement plans, why he was ready to leave his teaching world and what all this has meant for him as host of the big seance for almost 10 years!

vertical farming podcast

123 victor kulcsar of veles farming shares the inspiring story of how he and his co-founder are growing saffron in slovakia

124 joe swartz of amhydro brings his nearly 4 decades of controlled environment agriculture to the show to provide a unique perspective on where vertical farming is headed.

125 daniel plant of plant dynamics is providing a unique consulting service to the indoor farming industry and those looking to get started are benefitting from his deep knowledge and expertise.

126 alex babich of nuravine has developed an ai-driven solution to address the irrigation challenges faced by many indoor farms

127 rick vanzura of freight farms is a seasoned veteran and leader of several highly regarded retail business and he brings that acumen to his new role as ceo

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