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A Life Worth Living | Jun 24, 2023

Are you an over-thinker?

If it's taken you more than 3 seconds to answer this question, then the answer is likely YES! 😂 

I can relate 1000%

You see, for most of my life I’ve been challenged with managing all the thoughts that are flowing through my head on a constant basis.

According to the Laboratory of Neuro Imaging, the human brain generates 48.6 thoughts per minute. 😯 

So yes, it’s a real thing.

Now, I understand some people are better at managing these thoughts than others.

And yes, practices like meditation, journaling and being in nature can help A LOT!

My partner and I recently relocated to a home 30 minutes outside of the city and I have to admit, it’s been a game changer for my quality of sleep and ability to just sit and listen to the sounds of nature. The occasional deer and turkey sightings are an added bonus!

How does this relate to podcasting (or any other project you currently have in motion)?

Most people way overthink what they need when starting a project.

One of my tweets this week spoke to that exact issue:

Social Marketing Tip Interlude

Quick, social media tip for you content marketing nerds like me! 🤓

I’ve been using a tool called Hypefury for the past year. It helps me schedule tweets and also if you post from their platform, it can automatically re-tweet your original post 9 hours later (you can customize the time). This is great because it gives your posts more visibility in different time zones.

Another great feature is that it will take popular tweets (based on likes) and create an image that will automatically post on your Instagram account.

This is what that looks like on IG 👇, 23 likes for an auto-post, not bad!

BTW, if you’re on IG, we should be friends… just saying.

There’s a bunch of other cool features like auto-posting to LinkedIn and creating a queue of posts that go out daily and keep your feed engaged, check them out here.

Back to Our Topic: Overthinking

OK, back to our main feature.

As you can see from the post above, there’s always a way to start ANY project that doesn’t involve spending a ton of money.

Whether that’s gardening, writing, knitting, poker, and yes, podcasting.

Start small. Pick up a book. Write your ideas out with a good old fashioned pen and paper.

Do ONE thing that will move you forward in the direction of your next idea.

What will you start today? Reply and let me know

🙏 with gratitude,


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