2024 Is The Year of Abundance

A Life Worth Living | Jan 1, 2024

Writing a letter on January 1st seems a bit cliché, but here goes anyway!

As you get older, if you’re like me, you begin to categorize your New Year’s Eve celebrations into one of several similar-sounding buckets: Total Rager, Wild & Fun, Totally Unexpected, Low-Key.

Last night was definitely low-key as I picked up a bug on the 31st and ended up mostly in bed, drinking tea, and under the covers. 🎉

My email provider beehiiv sent me an update for December this morning and was kind enough to remind me that I only sent one update out last month. 🤦‍♂️

Don’t get me wrong. Every Saturday that came and went I was conscious that I wasn’t keeping my commitment to myself, and it didn’t feel good.

I will say that it does feel a bit ‘off’ when writers proclaim to their readers that they let them down when they miss a publication (newsletter, podcast episode, etc.), but the truth of the matter is I feel like I let myself down.

There was a lot going on personally and there were days when the last thing I felt like doing was sitting down to write a letter.

But here I am anyway. Back on the horse.

I won’t commit to a specific format or cadence, but expect to see more of these more consistently.

I hope you had an epic 2023, here’s a few memories from mine, I’m sure I missed a few…

  • Published 25 episodes of Podcast Junkies

  • Published 43 episodes of Vertical Farming Podcast

  • Launched 6 new shows for our clients at FullCast, and produced & marketed hundreds of our clients episodes.

  • Launched The Podosphere

  • Merged VFP with iGrow News to create AgTech Media Group

  • Hired new coaches to help me grow my coaching practice and agency

  • Launched my new podcast cohort, The Stage

  • Connected with the Sacred Sons community

  • Traveled to New York, Denver, Seattle, Austin, Duluth, Las Vegas & Germany

End of year recaps are always a good thing. They remind you to take some time to reflect, something I need to get better at.

I have a feeling the Universe was sending me a message to slow down over the past few days. Message received.

These letters are my way of sharing my journey with you. They may not always be a complete or a finished thought, but that’s OK. It’s important to share the good and the bad.

It’s important to also remember that life is a series of ongoing adventures and our lives don’t always have convenient start and stop dates.

Wherever you are in your journey I encourage you to share it. You just never know who might be reading or listening. It could be exactly what they need in this moment.

Wishing you an abundant 2024 full of love and prosperity,