What's Your Favorite Teacher's Name?

A Life Worth Living | Nov 11, 2023

Can you remember the name of your favorite elementary or high school teacher?

Two that come to mind for me are Mrs. Finkelstein, my 4th grade teacher and Mr. Tedesco, my high school Physics teacher.

As far as the 4th grade goes, my memories are understandably a bit hazy, but one thing that I do remember is how kind she was. I don’t even know if I can recall a specific incident, but there was something about her that would always be comforting and put me at ease. She had the patience to help you understand the toughest of topics.

In much the same way, Mr. Tedesco had the uncanny ability to make a topic like Physics approachable and at times, even entertaining. It’s a rare talent and one that goes under-appreciated too often. Thanks in no small part to his patience and talent, I learned a good deal on the topic. (don’t test me, though)

I was reminded of the importance of good teachers and motivated students this past week.

You may have seen me reference a new cohort I started to help indie podcasters who may not be able to work with our agency on an ongoing basis.

Well this week was my very first Office Hours and it went extremely well!

There’s something about a group dynamic that I really love.

Everyone stayed for the full session and it was fun for my students to put a face to a name from the community.

It’s in moments like this that I really feel like I’m “in the zone”. Each person is at a different point in their podcast journey and everyone was helpful in providing feedback and suggestions.

Truly a ‘rising tide lifts all boats’ vibe.

If you’re ready to get your podcast started and tired of going it alone, this might be just the community and support you need!

Reply with “it’s time” and I’ll send along the details.

Wishing you a relaxing weekend,

🙏 Harry

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