Authencity IS

A Life Worth Living | Nov 19, 2023

Authenticity IS

I’ll come to exactly why in a few minutes…

I was getting caught up on a few training videos this weekend for a business mastermind I’m a part of.

My coach was sharing the framework he uses for posting on social now.

It’s an engaging (to me at least) mix of deep thoughts and unique takes on business, written in a way that pulls people in.

Here’s the key. It only pulls in the people who resonate (and get) what he’s putting down.

He was sharing in the training that years ago, he fell into the trap of posting what he thought people wanted to hear.

Since moving to this new, more authentic style, he’s had tremendous success and built an offer that generates over $1M in revenue.

Mind you, his business is just him and an assistant. Very impressive.

As I was watching the recording, one of the attendees asked whether he should tone down his self-deprecating humor in his posts.

James provided a wonderful and nuanced response.

You may need to read this a few times over to let it sink in.

“If you’re trying to manipulate people into believing that you’re not self-deprecating, all they pick up on is the fact that you’re not telling the truth.

If you use self-deprecating humor in real life, then using it on social media is natural.

And if you DON’T use it, there’s a higher cost to you than you using it, because people sense that you’re not using it.

Because they don’t see the real you.”

🤯 Dayummm.

He goes on to say:

“Authenticity IS.

It’s binary. It either is or it isn’t.

Most people are completely blocked from creating content because they’re trying to manipulate a version of themselves on the internet because they don’t like the version of themselves they see in real life.

If you like the version of yourself in real life, being authentic is f—king easy!

I’m telling you, this training was bonkers good.

This made me immediately think of how I present myself on my 2 shows.

When I started Podcast Junkies in 2014 I was pretty intimidated by my early guests and I’m sure if I listen back, there might be a bit of cringing.

With my 2nd show, Vertical Farming Podcast, even though I interview CEOs and Founders, I think the 9+ years of interview experience with Podcast Junkies has made me more comfortable 1:1.

My goal with my interviews is always to make the conversation engaging for both my guest AND the listener.

It’s a fine balance for sure.

Current and aspiring podcast hosts, please don’t forget this.

There nothing more authentic than you being the same way, whether you’re home with family and friends or ‘online’

It’s SO much less work to just be who you are, rather than trying to be someone you’re not.

You know exactly what authentic sounds like.

Raise your hand if you’ve ever heard a host share a personal story and thought ‘I can totally relate to that.’

That’s magical.

When hosts are honest, we don’t just listen, we connect.

Authenticity builds trust.

Trust builds a community.

Coming back full circle to my coach’s response:

Authencity IS.

Keep that in mind next time you hit record

🙏 Harry

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