Harry Duran, Launches Site

28 Sep 2019

Well here goes. It’s been long overdue, and looks like the stars aligned for me to get this up the right way. Hand-coded, and learning as I go.

Much credit goes to Brian Casel, Founder of ProcessKit, whose recent YouTube post, My 2019 stack for designing & building websites really inspired me to get started.

That let me Jonathan McGlone’s tutorial Creating and Hosting a Personal Site on GitHub. And so here we are.

This blog will start to document that journey, so you’re more than welcome to follow along.

I’ll look to be hosting the site on Netlify (no idea how to do that yet), and according to Jonathan’s tutorial, it’ll be powered by Jekyll (does that mean there’s a software called Hyde floating around somewhere?…) I am also familiarizing myself more with Markdown to author my posts, so this Printable Markdown Cheatsheet will definitely come in handy!

It actually is a lot easier than I thought it was going to be! Best of all I’m learning a new skillset!

OK, enough with the overused exclamation points!

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